The List of Tia.

I love hearing about people’s adventures and escapades, and finding out about new experiences that I might not of otherwise have known. Whether it’s a new city to visit or a once in a lifetime opportunity or even a new cocktail to try! When I hear the term Bucket List though, my mind tended to think of an ever-declining time frame or people passing away. I think it’s such a shame to associate such wonderful experiences with such sadness.

To conquer this, I decided to create my own list and my own style. I kept it simple – it’s a list and my nickname is Tia so … the List of Tia was born! It’s a way of fulfilling your wishes without the pressure or the time constraints. Most importantly, it’s all about you and not what anyone else is doing. Your list can be as long or as short as you want. And it doesn’t have to be full of all these clichés or once in a lifetime experiences. It can, of course though – that’s the point! Anything from reading a certain book, mastering the fine art of hemming trousers or even, trying your hand at a new sport. Your list, like your life, is yours and should be completely personal to you. My mum always says that your problems are yours and whether they seem important compared to anyone else’s is irrelevant because to you, they are. I think this should be the same with your list.

Having a physical list is good way of focusing on the future and the good things in life. I went through a particularly rough time for a couple of years and having my list really helped me and gave me a focus to push forward when things didn’t always seem great.
So, hakuna matata, seize the day, #yolo or whatever motto you like to live by, and get writing your list and living your life!

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