In tray.

Just like any desk, my website has an in tray and an out tray. This is the In tray page where I store my list of things I’m going to do and below is my list so far.

-Earn my degree.
-Have my palm read.
-Learn to do a cartwheel.
-Swim somewhere exotic at night.
-Dine at a Michelin star restaurant.
-Drive a car I’ll never own.
-Ride on a pedi-bus.
-Learn to speak French to a competent level.
-Own a pair of Louboutins.
-Ride on a banana boat.
-Celebrate my half birthday – 10th July.
-Learn to ballroom dance.
-Swim with dolphins.
-Have a drink at an Ice Bar.
-Attend the Eurovision final.
-Learn to shoot a gun.
-Go white water rafting.
-Ride a jet-ski.
-Send a letter to a soldier.
-Learn to surf.
-Have my handwriting analysed.
-Go parasailing.
-Become a mum.
-Have a midnight adventure.
-Get married.
-Have a Buddhist blessing in Thailand.
-Feed a penguin.
-Read the books on the BBC’s List of Top 100 books.
-Write a book.
-Ride an elephant.
-Earn my doctorate (Dr Asher has a nice ring to it!).
-Attend the Demelza House Charity Ball at London’s National History Museum.
-Go to Royal Ascot.
-See the Olympic Games live.

*Stay at the Salutation in Kent (UK).
*Get henna at Laipat Nagar in Delhi (India).
*See the Taj Mahal (India).
*Visit the Aurora Sky Station and see the Aurora Borealis (Sweden).
*Sunbathe on Bondi Beach (Australia).
*Go on a Scooteroo Tour in Agnes Water (Australia).
*Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain (Italy).
*Walk along the Great Wall of China (China).
*Attend a Luau (Hawaii).
*Party at the Benicassim Festival (Spain).
*Go on the Invade College experience (USA).
*Attend a baseball game in the USA.
*Road trip in the Deep South (USA).
*Watch the ball drop in Times Square (USA).
*Visit Mount Rushmore (USA).
*See André Rieu live in Maastricht (The Netherlands).
*Go to Oktoberfest in Munich (Germany).
*See the Festival of Lights in Berlin (Germany).
*Go up the Eiffel Tower at night (France).
*Visit the Pharaonic Village and the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt).
*Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Dublin (Ireland).
*Ride on the Vodka Train (Russia).


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