We won’t be beaten.

It’s been a sad month. Both globally and nationally. Between the tragic deaths in Tunisia and the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 bombings in London, the United Kingdom feels like it’s in a state of mourning. It’s always sad when a minute’s silence is needed but to have two in the space of a week, is heartbreaking.

No one ever wants to read about the loss of innocent lives and unfortunately, it’s becoming more common. It’s events like these that show how there’s still evil in the world and how just one person can cause so much pain. However, it then only takes one person to show that there’s still goodness. We have to remember the loving, selfless people who show it in their gestures, the big and the small. In times such as these where people have become immunised to these vicious attacks, it’s important to remember that good people still exist. It’s extremely important. It’s a way of ensuring that the poisonous people in the world don’t win and they know we won’t be beaten. It shows them that we will stand firm, together, and that they will be defeated. We will not turn against each other and play the blame game but we will unite. Blacks and whites, Christians and Muslims, heterosexuals and homosexuals together.

So mourn the lost, give them the respect and dignity they deserve, remember them but then be brave. Stand tall and show them how strong we all are.