Let the sewing commence!

TWFT-460Fabric? Check.

Sewing pattern? Check.

Pilfered sewing machine? Check.

Well, there’s nothing stopping me now!

After spending a lovely day in Leeds buying fabric with my two sewing buddies, we all ended up with a few metres of lovely fabric to turn into a beautiful dress. I chose a quirky print (hot pink flamingos, to be specific!), Julia chose a pretty blue rose pattern and Karen a summer-y pink flower print. They were all soft and fairly light cottons that the woman at the stall assured us would ‘hang’ well.

TWFT-424My sewing buddies and me.

Due to our opposite schedules, we ended up pinning and cutting out our fabric pieces during our lunch hours at work – I’m sure that’s what the spare office was built for! We tagged all the points for our darts and made sure all the important bits and bobs were marked on our fabric. We were then on our own. The first thing I did was tack everything that I could, following the instructions carefully. Some, like my buddy Julia, didn’t tack and dived straight in but I was too petrified of ruining my pretty flamingos by going wrong. Once I’d prepped all I could, it was time to actually machine it.

TWFT-467 - Copy

After figuring out where all threads went and checking all the dials and settings were correct, my machine was ready to go. Although, let me tell you, I spent way too long trying to thread the lower bobbin and may have had to watch a few YouTube tutorials to help me. Once I started, it seemed to go well. I stitched all my darts first then my seams and joined my front and back pieces.

All I have left to do now is attach my skirt and hem it! It seemed such a daunting task at first but when I actually started to sew and could see the pieces of fabric were beginning to form a dress, it was so exciting. Whether it’s a wearable garment? You’ll just have to wait and see in my next update!



The next project … making my own dress!

This is something I’ve always wanted to do! I love clothes and (I think!) I love sewing so why not combine the two. When I was at school, I studied Textile Technology and really enjoyed it. Our first ever task was to make a little stuffed chicken (I still have mine somewhere!) and from there we made basic items like cushion covers.

After watching the popular Great British Sewing Bee a few months ago, a couple of women at work have decided to join me and together we’re going to attempt to make our own dress. We chose a relatively simple pattern to tackle and are going to make a Walkaway dress – a really popular style from the 50s! It’s basically two large pieces that fasten together at the shoulders so the wearer can slip the dress over their head and bring the fasteners from the back piece around the waist to create shape.

Walkaway dress pattern.
I don’t have my own sewing machine but my aunt is very graciously lending me her’s. The next step is for us all to choose our fabric and actually get stared. I’m really excited to crack on with this project so I’ll keep you all updated!