Sitting in bed on a Thursday night with watching First Dates and scoffing a bag of chocolate chip cookies (and feeling quite sick after eating one too many), I can’t help but feel a tad on the lonely side. Watching all these people meet their potential life partner just makes me go all gooey inside. I am a hopeless romantic and quiet proud of that. I’m not that delusional though. I do realise that I’d probably be doing the exact same thing tonight even if I was in a relationship. I’d just have a human pillow by my side.

Add in the fact that my Facebook news feed is littered with people getting engaged, getting wed and having babies, it’s easy to feel on your own.  I know, I know. Get a grip. I just can’t help it. There’a little part of me inside that just needs to experience real love. Unfortunately, the voice that keeps telling me that I have to experience this, just gets louder.

People say you find love when you least expect it and when you’re not searching for it. So, maybe I just need to chill out? Stop thinking about it and my knight in shining armour will appear. Or, at least, a funny guy wrapped in a bit of tinfoil. I’m not fussy.


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