Anyone from Yorkshire will know about Eureka! The National Children’s Museum and most will have been. Whether it was a school trip, one of many family days out or your Brownies’/Scouts’ annual trip, you knew the wonder of this magical place. For those of you unfortunate enough to not know about Eureka, it’s a “fun, interactive children’s museum and educational charity based in Halifax where children play to learn and grown-ups learn to play” and it’s worth the day trip!

Since I found out I was going to be an aunt six years ago, one of the first things I did was bagsy my nephew’s first trip to Eureka. Oh, and then I congratulated my sister and brother-in-law. It’s somewhere I loved as a kid and who better to share it with then the newest addition to the family.

After a few failed attempts, the day finally arrived and we were off! Since my eldest nephew was born, two more have come along but the youngest was staying home with my sister/their mum. So, I took the other two (along with my mum!) to Halifax. The sun was shining, we had our lunch in our backpacks and sun cream on our noses. It only took about 50 minutes on the train and we had plenty of snacks and sticker books to entertain the boys during the journey.


When we arrived, we signed in and got the obligatory cat entry stamp on our hand before entering. We made our way through all the exhibits and really enjoyed them but the boys particularly loved the ‘All About Me’ section. They learnt all about their bodies and had a little leaflet where they could write down facts they’d learnt about themselves, such as their height or how far they could stretch their arms. We then made our way to one of my favourite parts: the giant mouth! We stepped inside and learnt about the different teeth but unfortunately, there was no longer the bonus task of finding the wobbly tooth like there had been when I was little (no doubt due to some new health and safety requirement).


With quirky things being an integral part of Eureka, it should come as no surprise that one of the main areas to eat your lunch is an old train carriage. So of course, we ate our sarnies there then continued our explorations.

TWFT-348 TWFT-356 TWFT-352

We played in the mini bank and supermarket, and followed this up with a quick stop at the mini mechanics. Once we’d seen everything, and even gone back for another go on one or two things, we detoured via the gift shop for a little treat (two toy sharks, to be exact!) then caught the train home. The boys had an awesome day and so did I! They even spent the train ride home telling my mum and I all about their favourite parts. Well, until nap time called. Pulling a sleepy six year old and a practically unconscious two year old off a train with all their bags and jackets is no easy task.

We all had a brilliant day and will no doubt be returning over the summer. The great thing about our tickets was that they acted as an annual pass so we have 12 months worth of visits ahead of us!


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Yorkshire’s Women of Achievement lunch – Friday 15th May 2015.


This is an event my mum has attend for the past few years but this year was my first year. The Yorkshire’s Women of Achievement lunch is an awards ceremony held to both recognise a group of amazing women and to raise money for Sue Ryder’s Wheatfield Hospice. It’s held at New Dock Hall in Leeds and is a wonderful day!

When we arrived at the venue, we started the day with some champers in the sun and then met up with the rest of my mum’s friends before finding our table. The whole room was dressed beautifully with gorgeous table displays and lots of twinkly lights but it was the goody-bags on the chairs that caught my eyes. They were filled with donations from L’Oreal and Good Living Magazine, and I definitely loved my new hairspray, mascara and other goodies.

There were over 800 hundred women (and a few men!) in attendance including a few celebs and of course, the awards’ host Liz Green.


Liz Green and me.

There were various fundraising games and raffles including the famous balloon game where you buy a pin to pop one of the many balloons and a ticket with a prize may be inside. Sadly, I didn’t win anything but the shower of confetti was rather nice!

We then had our lunch (which was delicious) followed by the awards themselves. There were 66 women nominated in over seven different categories ranging from the Yorkshire Rose award to the Women of Achievement in Education to the Jane Tomlinson Courage award. All the women nominated were exceptional people and thoroughly deserved the nomination. The winners of the awards were then considered for the overall Women of Achievement award, and this year’s winner was Saliha Rashid. An astounding woman who had suffered honour based abuse and had been blind from birth. She managed to break free from her abusers and is now studying for her Graduate Diploma in Law after finishing university with a first class honours in Psychology.

2015-05-22_20.19.36  Stephanie Hirst and me.

Once all the awards had been handed out, and the entertainment had finished, there was a chance to mingle and chat with the nominees and winners. I managed to chat with most of the them but I was thrilled to meet one particular nominee, Stephanie Hirst, who had been nominated for the Jane Tomlinson Courage award. Stephanie was the host of a popular radio show and during 2014 openly came out as being transgender. She came across as a beautiful, happy and lovely person.

I laughed, I welled-up and I had fun. I’m so pleased my mum invited me to the lunch and that I had a chance to attend such a humbling and inspiring event. Deserving women won awards and lots of money was raised for Wheatfields Hospice – the day was a success!

TWFT-254My mum and me.


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